exam anxiety


???     ...Are you worried about an upcoming GCR?

???     ...Are you finding out while trying to prepare for your big exam that in these past few years of school, you didn't really learn anything in academic classes at all?

???    ...Are you now realizing how little you understand about even the fundamentals and basics of music theory  ... even though you are about to become accredited as being a "Master" in your field of expertise?


exam anxiety



Hi, I'm Nick Ho -


...And as a past student with years of experience within the American University-level education system,

 Being a top rated private tutor getting students better grades every semester,

...and as a specialist in providing academic preparation for the daunting task of passing a GCR exam,


I know what you are being put through.



>>> The one final major exam of your studies is coming up...


And it feels like your committee of teachers are slowly sharpening their daggers while waiting for your exam...

...getting ever so ready to cut you down and fail your *ss when you're put you on the spot in a isolated room

...and demanded to answer ---> anything they wish of asking you


unhappy face


"...Dear lord, GCR is coming up... ...how the F@*# am I going to pass this thing when I don't know bibbly squat?!!"

exam anxiety


... you keep saying to yourself ... and whenever you continue studying, you sense yourself finding more and more parts of theory and music history that you simply just don't understand.

Even things you thought you knew previously are turning out to be confusing.


And whatever glimmer of hope you had of passing before ...

... seems to all but vanish from your future.



Hope gone 



- Did you know a GCR is so fast paced, any notes you think you can take inside are USELESS?

- Did you know your committee CAN and WILL grill you on ANY questions they feel like asking you?

- Did you know students who have failed in the past, upon returning, have MERCILESSLY been failed by their commitee again and again?

- Did you know these same students that were not permitted to graduate, had their degrees withheld for YEARS in some cases?




That's a boatload of trouble and problems ready to just mess up your life


.... but you shouldn't have to go through any of it.


You deserve to go through your final days of school enjoying a normal graduation.

Without the pain and frustration of having to be humiliated during GCR and being failed again and again.


You need to secure your graduation and your future Right Now

...and there's only one person that can help you do that:



-->  Me  <--


I am the number 1 rated GCR prepping tutor in CCPA

And my passion is YOUR success!!


With my help, you are GUARANTEED to succeed.



...ah, but how is it that I can say this?

---->Because my clientele pass rate is at a whooping 100%!!!



None of my clients have EVER failed to eventually pass with my help.

And some of the students I took on in the past have been dumb as dirt!!


That's right, it doesn't matter how dumb or shockingly ignorant you are,


I will bridge that knowledge gap you need to reach GCR success, no matter how enourmous that gap is.


Client after past client have all reported just the same single regret after purchasing my services…

….having not contacted me sooner!


Don't have regrets.

Don't jeopardize your academic future.

And Don't leave out your upcoming graduation.


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Nick Ho: The only tutor with a 100% success rate passing students at GCR!!!


Nick Ho